FAQ: Beam Central Vacuum Dealers Tell You Why Beam is the Best

If you are in the market for a central vacuum system, you will have noticed that there are multiple brands from which to choose. If you can’t decide which is the best option, it’s time to contact your local Beam central vacuum dealers to tell you that Beam central vacuum systems are ranked as the No.1 brand globally. Read on to find out why.

Excellent Engineering

Beam central vacuums systems are built to exact specifications with industry-leading technologies to create products that look good and outperform and outlast other systems.

Parts are made from easy-care materials that ensure a prolonged life span. For example, they have a floating GORE-TEX fabric filter that will not block and has a built-in self-cleaning mechanism.

Properly cared for and maintained, your Beam central vacuum can last up to 30 years before requiring replacement.

Energy Savings

Beam vacuum systems use roughly the same energy as portable vacuum cleaners. However, they offer industrial-strength suction power, providing up to 50% more efficient extraction of dirt and other matter. Cleaning can be carried out less frequently, cutting energy consumption over time.

Ease Of Use

Beam central vacuum systems have been designed with the user in mind. There are no heavy parts to carry around; all you need is a lightweight hose and ergonomic attachment tools. Simply connect the hose to a conveniently located outlet and start cleaning.

A wide variety of attachment tools are available to suit just about any cleaning job.

Quiet Operation

Beam central vacuum systems operate very quietly as the motor is located outside the living area. All you will hear is the quiet flow of air through the system.

Cleaner, Healthier Environment

All dust, dirt, hair and other matter are collected into canisters stored at an external location, for example, the basement or garage.  Air from the system is also vented externally, leaving only fresh, clean air in the house.

For local Beam central vacuum dealers, contact Superior Home Systems today. We are the largest dealer for Beam central vacuum systems in Canada. Since 1982, we’ve helped create healthier, cleaner homes with the highest quality vacuum systems that have exceeded the needs of our clients.

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