What To Expect From You Central Vacuum Installation

Congratulations on deciding to have a central vacuum installation in your home! You will be so pleased when you see how easy it will be to keep your home clean and the air you breathe fresh and free of allergens.

While it might seem quite daunting, you will be happy to know that your professional central vacuum installation expert will have everything in hand. There are two possibilities when doing the installation, and these will both be addressed here in terms of what to expect.

Central Vacuum Installation In An Existing Home

Most existing homes can be equipped with a central vacuum system without causing any damage to your walls. Your clever installer will use air ducts, closets, pantries, basements, crawl spaces, attics, and interior walls to install the hoses and cabling.

Work will be carried out neatly and does not take long. Depending on the size of your home, you can expect the work to be done in 1-2 days.

The collection canister and power unit will be installed in a location external to the main part of the house, for example, in a garage or basement, keeping things neat and tidy while still providing easy access for emptying and maintenance.

Central Vacuum Installation In A New Building

If you are building a new home, this is an ideal time for a central vacuum installation. Your professional installer will need to study your building plans and, from there, will be able to suggest the best possible solution for seamless integration with your building work.

The installation can be done hand-in-hand with your construction team, ensuring a neat and well-concealed central vacuum system.

Provisions will be made for the collection canister and power unit to be neatly installed in a garage, basement, or other remote location.

Ease of access will be considered to ensure that emptying the canister and maintenance of the system can be readily achieved.

Contact Superior Home Systems today, and we will answer all your questions about your central vacuum installation.

We are the largest dealer for Beam central vacuum systems in Canada. Our expert team has years of experience, ensuring the perfect installation of your central vacuum system in your existing home, or as part of your new building project.

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