Bare Floors and Allergies: Breathe Easy in Your Sparkling Home With Central Vacuum Systems

While many homeowners use vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets, they often overlook the importance of cleaning bare floors, such as hardwood and ceramic.

Did you know that using your central vacuum system to clean bare floors is one of the most effective ways to maintain a hygienic and healthy home? Well, it’s true, and the added bonus is that it is so easy too!

Dispelling the Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions about central vacuum systems is that they are only useful for cleaning carpets and upholstery. However, the powerful suction is designed to remove dirt, dust, dander, and debris from all types of flooring, making central vacuums the perfect partner for keeping your entire home spotlessly clean.

Ideal for People With Allergies and Respiratory Problems

A central vacuum’s powerful suction ensures that allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other undesirable particles are thoroughly removed from bare floors, hardwood, ceramic, carpets, curtains, and upholstery.

These particles are extracted into an external canister, ensuring that they are not recycled back into your home, as can be the case with a traditional vacuum cleaner. Not only will your home be sparkling and clean, but the air quality inside your home will have improved, which is a significant advantage for people with allergies and respiratory problems.

The Easiest Way to Clean Bare Floors

Cleaning your bare floors with a central vacuum is straightforward and requires only a few simple steps. Select the appropriate attachment, plug the lightweight hose into the wall-mounted inlet, and start cleaning.

Begin by vacuuming along the edges of the room, using the attachment to reach any tight spaces between furniture or along baseboards. Then, work your way across the floor, moving the attachment back and forth in a smooth, even motion. Be sure to pay special attention to areas with visible dirt or debris.

A variety of bare floor attachments are available to facilitate a swift and effective clean-up, including the following:

  • Bare floor brush – ideal for cleaning hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, and stone.
  • Deluxe combo floor tool – this dual-purpose attachment glides seamlessly from bare floors to carpets or rugs with a flick of the toe switch.
  • Dust mop – this machine washable attachment helps you clean bare floors with ease.
  • Crevice tool – perfect for sucking out hidden dust and allergens from jointed bare floors.

Contact Superior Home Systems today for a cleaner, brighter, healthier home that is dust-free and a pleasure to live in. We offer central vacuum systems from BEAM, a leading brand in central vacuums, to be your partner in efficiently cleaning your home with bare floors and improving the air quality as you go.

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