Modernize and Accessorize With Central Vacuum Accessories

Do you ever miss the days of laboriously sweeping back and forth? Well, not us — we have a central vacuum system. It works perfectly for those nearly untouchable nooks and crannies. It is also much more labour-efficient than the old broom and pan. With the correct central vacuum accessories, it makes even more tasks easier than ever. Keep reading to find out how you can customize your central vacuum to get the best of its ability.

Dusty Surfaces

No matter what mess is laid out in front of you, we have the accessory you will need to clean it up. With the mophead attachment, you can access any point in your property and suck up and clean any dusty surfaces. It picks up and traps fine dust, dirt and particles that a standard floor brush may leave behind. It is great for use on hard surfaces and hardwood that show fine dust.

Nozzles Galore 

The central vacuum has a wide variety of accessories, such as pet accessories, hard floor accessories, carpet accessories, car and stair accessories, and finally, wands and tubes. Try the recommended pet grooming brush to suck up your short-haired pets’ fur before it flies everywhere, or the telescopic wand to extend your reach.

You’ll never be left wanting because there is always the perfect tool to make your life a little bit easier. There’s often that one spot that refuses to be reached, or requires an acrobatic back-bending effort to get it clean. Well, no longer! With the right tool, the job goes faster and smoother, and you’ll prevent potential strains.

It Doesn’t Always Suck 

If your current vacuum is giving you problems, then don’t worry. Here at Superior Home Systems, in addition to giving you top-quality systems and accessories, we will assist you with all faulty or damaged central vacuums. We will service your old machinery to help you ‘suck’ away your troubles.

Make your life a bit easier with a number of central vacuum accessories from Superior Home Systems today. For more information, contact us here.

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