Four Tips To Keep Your BEAM Central Vacuum Parts In Top Condition In Toronto

Your BEAM central vacuum system is designed to give you years of hassle-free service.  By following these guidelines, along with our professional services, you can play your part in ensuring the long life of your BEAM vacuum system in the Toronto area.

Keeping The Canister Clean

It helps if you empty your vacuum canister regularly. A good guideline for this is to check and empty it every three to four months. Doing so keeps the dust from reaching the level of the filter, and this allows you to avoid any decrease in the performance of your system if the canister is too full.

Checking The Filters

Your filters should be replaced every five to six years to ensure the motor’s longevity. The self-cleaning filters are designed to do just that ‒ clean themselves and continue to offer excellent suction force. However, replacing these BEAM central vacuum parts from time to time will guarantee that the system continues to function like new.

And remember that having a BEAM central vacuum system keeps your home cleaner, but also the air in your home is healthier with the removal of dirt, dust, allergens, and other particles.  Your filter is a significant role player in this functionality and should be checked and replaced on schedule.

Correct Storage Of Your Central Vacuum Hoses

Investing in a wire hose hanger or a hose hanging rack is a great way to prevent damage to the hose. Once you have unplugged your hose at both ends, carefully make a few loops with it on the ground. Now, transfer the hose to the handy wire hanger. It looks neat and tidy, and it won’t get twisted or crimped.

Protecting With A Hose Sock

Another way to protect your BEAM central vacuum parts in Toronto is to use a hose sock.  These handy covers for your hose not only protect the hose and prolong its lifespan, but also prevent damage, scratches, dent, chips and scuffs to your furniture, bare floors, walls and baseboards. And, as a bonus, they make your hose much easier to handle.

Hose socks come in two styles. The slipcover type slides over the hose from end to end and must be clamped in place at each end. In comparison, the quilted variety has a full-length zipper for easy installation. Both options are easily removed and fully washable.

To buy BEAM central vacuum parts in Toronto, contact Superior Home Systems today.  We offer a full range of parts and accessories for all your central vacuum service needs. For your convenience, we also have a wide range of central vacuum cleaning services and maintenance packages.

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