Central Vacuum Installation Toronto

Trust us as your number one choice for central vacuum installation in Toronto. Whether it’s a finished home or replacing an existing central vacuum system. We provide quick and hassle-free installations at affordable prices. Give us a call or email to schedule your appointment today!
New Home Installation

Installation Types

New Home Installation

If you are in the process of building a new home or are planning on it, inform your contractor you would like to have a Central Vacuum System installed.  You will want to go over the location for the power unit, the vacuum inlets, and where you plan to store the hose/attachments.  Plus you might want to discuss installing a few VacPans, automatic dustpans, throughout your home; in the kitchen, near exterior doors, or the laundry room.

If your contractor does not install Central Vacuum Systems give us a call, we can do the job quickly and competently for you.

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Do-It-Yourself Installation

Thinking about installing the system yourself? This can be a fun weekend project. We carry installation kits that include everything you’ll need for your home, including instructions. For a better idea of how to install a system and what is involved click on the following link:
Central Vacuum Installation

Existing Home Installation

Remodeling your home is a perfect time to install a Central Vacuum System in your existing home.  However, even if you are not remodeling, 95% of existing homes can be retrofitted with a Central Vacuum System.  The key to success is planning a pipe system with a minimum number of inlets and elbows to keep while still giving you the vacuum cleaning flexibility only a central vacuum system offers.
Do-it yourself central vacuum installation

Haven’t decided on which Central Vacuum System to go with yet? Choose from these three lines of BEAM Central Vacuum cleaners, all tested, trusted, and designed with you in mind.

BEAM Classic 275 Power Unit

BEAM Classic

Top of the line central vacuum cleaner built from 50 years of design and development experiments, boasting of a metallic steel body, anti-vibration mounting system and the Gore Self-Cleaning filter.

BEAM Serenity vacuum

BEAM Serenity

A powerful tool that cleans silently and effectively. It also has an electronic user interface that lets you keep track of the system’s functioning, such as time readout, system efficiency, and dirt bucket level.

BEAM Alliance vacuum

BEAM Alliance

The most recent central vacuum cleaner that performs 30% more than the Beam Serenity. It offers a smart screen technology and fingertips control so that cleaning is handy and portable.

How a Central Vacuum Works

Learn how a central vacuum system is installed and works throughout your house.