Do You Need A Service Package For Your Central Vacuum System?

If you have had the fortune of having a central vacuum system installed in your home or workplace, you will want to keep it in top working condition. The effortless cleaning, healthy environment and fresh air are not things you will want to lose.

The short answer is YES! Everyone should consider opting for a package deal to service your central vacuum systems to keep it in excellent working condition.

Read on to learn about the types of packages on offer and the significant benefits of effectively maintaining your central vacuum system.

Service Packages For Central Vacuum Systems

When you contact a service provider, you will generally find that they offer a variety of packages to maintain and service your central vacuum system, catering to all requirements and budgets. Here are some examples of the types of package deals that may be available:

Package 1 – Checking essentials on-site.

  • checking the entire system for blockages, unclogging any found
  • examine all faceplates for leakages
  • check the filter
  • check and empty the unit canister
  • ensure all canister latches are fully functional
  • inspect powerhead belt and all attachments
  • examine suction power and resolve any issues
  • check the whole system for any leaks
  • inspect all wire connections

Package 2 – Checking the essentials on-site, plus new filter.

  • all checks and examinations as per Package 1, above
  • replacement of the filter

Package 3 – Advanced system maintenance.

  • all checks and examinations as per Package 1
  • replacement of the filter
  • main unit taken to the workshop for cleaning and overhaul, as necessary
  • return and reinstallation of the main unit

Pricing will vary according to the specific packages offered by the various companies.

Benefits Of Service Packages For Central Vacuum Systems

The benefit of choosing a service package is that ongoing preventative maintenance will increase the lifespan of your system by many years. Checking, cleaning and replacing the filter is not only important to your system, but also to ensure that you have a clean home and fresh, clean air in your home.

For advice on the best service package for your central vacuum system, contact Superior Home Systems today. We will happily explain our service packages and help you choose the best one for you!

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