7 Myths Surrounding Central Vacuum Cleaners

Almost every home has at least one vacuum cleaner. Many homes have more than one type of vacuum cleaner. There is, however, a lot of misconception regarding central vacuum cleaners, making most believe they are unattainable or, at worst, troublesome.

Here are seven myths about Beam central vacuum systems that our dealers can confidently debunk:

1) Loud Motors

Besides being designed for silent operation with special power heads and acoustic features, the powerful central vacuum motor is always located outside the living space in areas such as the garage or basement. They emit a gentle hum, not louder than a clothes dryer.

2) Less Powerful Than Portable Vacuums

Central vacuum cleaners have up to five times more suction power than portable vacuums. Your home is kept clean and allergen-free by their powerful motors that suction up all dirt, dust, and allergens. There will be no dust particles floating around or nasty odours, which typically occur after vacuuming with a portable vacuum.

3) Restrictive Use

Central vacuum cleaners are suitable for both commercial and residential use. A variety of attachments make them very versatile for many applications, including carpets, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, upholstery, and soft furnishings. The installation can be customized to fit any building, no matter how big or small.

4) Unextendible Suction Power

The powerful motors maintain the suction power throughout your home thanks to a closed system. Due to properly sized installations and numerous inlet valves strategically placed around your house, even the most remote corners are effectively cleaned. Maximum coverage and performance are guaranteed.

5) Installation Damages Walls And Woodwork

Most homes, regardless of age, can be fitted with a Beam central vacuum system. This is successfully achieved primarily because of the planning of the pipe system, whereby the number of inlets and elbows is kept to a minimum.

6) Too Expensive And Limited To Commercial Applications

You’ll be surprised at how affordable these systems are. As an additional service, it adds something most unexpected to your home and is a desirable built-in feature once it goes on sale. In addition to being more powerful, these vacuums require less cleaning time, which contributes to power savings. Cleaner air and health benefits also contribute to its value.

7) Can’t Replace A Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Some homes have two or three vacuum cleaners, which include uprights, sticks, and canisters. Basements and garages sometimes have dedicated vacuums as well. Central vacuum systems can replace all of these. Just use the appropriate attachments for the flooring or item to be vacuumed. When vacuuming, you only need to move the lightweight attachments from room to room.

For over 38 years, Superior Home Systems have created healthier, cleaner homes. We are dealers for Beam central vacuum cleaners, and trusted professionals for providing the best central vacuum system for your home.

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