Buyers Guide for the Best Option on Central Vacuum Systems for Your Application

Now that you have decided that central vacuum systems are the way to go for your vacuuming requirements, you may have questions about what options to choose.

Read on for advice on selecting the right central vacuum system for your application.

Installation Options

  • New construction – this is the perfect time to install a central vacuum system in Toronto, as the tubing, outlets, and canister storage can be included in the new home or office design.
  • Current renovations – renovations to existing buildings are great installation opportunities. Consideration can be given to the various requirements.
  • Retrofitting – it is possible to retrofit a central vacuum system to a home or office.  Single-storey structures are usually a more straightforward option. Multiple storey structures may require more forethought and planning, but many opportunities to hide the installation behind cabinets or be boxed in or otherwise made less intrusive.

So regardless of your building, discuss the installation requirements with your central vacuum systems expert installer.

Power Requirements

The next consideration is what power output to select for your application. It is vital to match the size of the area to be vacuumed with the correct power unit to ensure optimal utilization and the longevity of your unit.

You will also need to ask questions about the appropriate suction power required for your specific application.

Selection Of Accessories

All central vacuum systems come standard with accessories to facilitate different cleaning jobs. Common options include floor brushes, crevice tools, rug & floor tools and upholstery tools.

However, a variety of other options are available for specific applications, like:

  • Pet Accessories – for cleaning of pet hair from surfaces and for pet grooming
  • Hard floor accessories – a range of different suctions heads for all types of hard floors
  • Carpet accessories – make sure your rugs, mats and carpets are spotless with the right carpet brushes
  • Car and stair accessories – specially designed tools for cleaning these irregular spaces with ease and efficiency
  • Wands and tubes – ideal for extending the reach of your suction power to clean difficult to reach places

For expert advice on installation options, power requirements and attachments, contact Superior Home Systems today. We are the largest dealer for Beam Central Vacuum systems in Canada and can help you with any central vacuum choices.

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