How To Plan a Central Vacuum System

Designing the most efficient layout for your home’s new central vacuum system takes a bit of planning and tips from a central vacuum service and supply expert in Toronto. We have those tips for you below!

If you would prefer a professional layout design, contact our team today!

Starting Your Vacuum Plan And Service In Toronto

When planning your vacuum layout, always consider ease of use and ease of access for a service or maintenance inspection from your Toronto vacuum specialist.

Write down a list of the best places for the vacuum inlets per room. The ease of location will make your life easier and could reduce installation costs.

Tip: Every inlet installed will incrementally increase the cost of the system.

Plotting Vacuum Inlets And Tubing For Usage And Service

The minimum suggested number of Beam system inlets in a house is one to two inlets on each story. A central location of the inlet will facilitate the vacuum hose reaching about 30 feet to all corners. The advisable position is at the base of room walls, but floor installations are viable away from feet and with metal covers.

A Toronto house with a basement or crawlspace allows the tubing to traverse below the floor level and pop up a short distance into walls or into the floor inlets. A non-bearing wall (curtain wall) is usually the easiest to penetrate from underneath.

Limited below floor access would require tubing to travel through built-in closets, behind cabinets, or boxed-in conduits. Alternatively, roof or attic space can be used and the dropping down. The aim is to keep runs short, straight, and direct.

Tip: Ensure the Beam system vacuum spout can reach every corner & the ceiling and consider furniture or obstructions.

Planning The Vacuum Power Unit For Usage And Service

Plan to put the power unit (with detachable dirt bucket) in the basement, a utility room, your garage, the attic or roof space.

It is advisable to keep the power unit away from heat, e.g. a furnace room, small closet, or uninsulated attic or roof space. Good ventilation delivers longevity and efficiency.

Tip: Schedule regular professional maintenance or book a vacuum service immediately with your Toronto professionals if you suspect a problem.  Planned maintenance should be an annual occurrence as it saves you money in the long run.

If you need help planning your vacuum system or need a planned or urgent service for any brand of central vacuum system or free-standing vacuum, contact our friendly, helpful team.

A Central Vacuum is 5 times more powerful than any portable vacuum, which results in a cleaner, healthier home.

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