What Is A Central Vacuum Hose Sock?

For those that use their central vacuum regularly, a hose sock is essential. A hose sock is a piece of fabric that is designed to fit your vacuum hose perfectly and protect both your hose and your floors from damage. Hose socks are made from soft, yet durable fabric, intended to last for many years to come.

As experts in central vacuum cleaners in Toronto, the Superior Home Systems team sheds some light on the benefits of central vacuum hose socks, as well as the different types of socks that are available.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Central Vacuum Hose Sock?

The main purpose and benefit of a central vacuum hose sock are that it protects your central vacuum hose from any damage from sharp objects and dust that may be vacuumed up. Your hose’s lifespan is thus extended.

A hose sock is also washable, so it can be washed from time to time. The fabric that hose socks are made of is lightweight and very easy to clean.

In addition to protecting your hose, a hose sock can also protect your floors and furniture from any scuff marks, dents, chips, and scratches that sometimes happen while vacuuming. Another great benefit is that a hose sock makes your central vacuum hose easier to control.

What Hose Socks are Available at Superior Home Systems?

Here at Superior Home Systems, we offer hose socks in sizes 30′ and 35′. There are also various types of hose sock styles available. There is a style that requires the hose sock to be clamped on the end and a quilted style that makes use of a zipper. The quilted style tends to be more popular as it can easily be taken on and off, which is convenient when it comes time to wash the sock.

Not sure of the style cover that best suits your vacuum hose? Interested in purchasing a vacuum cleaner in Toronto?

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