Upright Miele Vacuums Can Solve Any Mess

A clean and dust-free home is essential to ensure your living environment is as healthy as it can be. However, vacuuming your home can often be a pain as vacuum cleaners can be large, cumbersome and inefficient. Luckily, an upright Miele central vacuum is available to make your vacuuming experience something to look forward to.


Upright Miele vacuums are incredibly efficient at cleaning dust and dirt from many flooring types. This is due to the powerful Vortex technology, which facilitates high airflow and a streamlined interior circuit. It also comes with an extra-wide Electrobrush attachment which can clean a larger surface area in less time, decreasing the time you have to spend doing housework. The Electrobrush can be used on any type of flooring, adapting automatically to its unique needs.

The PowerUnit attachment can be used to get into hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath low-set furniture, like bed frames and lounge suites, or even high-up areas, like above cupboards or ceilings. This means that dust, pet hair, fibres, and dirt are picked up with ease and ultimate efficiency.


Upright Miele vacuums are entirely cord-free. You will never be confined to staying near wall sockets and do not need to worry about cords getting stuck on furniture, around corners or underfoot. They work using a powerful battery with a long-lasting charge. Having multiple charging options means you are able to charge your vacuum by placing the power unit on the top or bottom, by attaching a permanent charging unit to your wall, simply plugging the cable into the battery, or even charging the battery separately from the appliance.

Upright Miele vacuums also include a compact mode, using the PowerUnit on its own. This is especially useful when cleaning up a small mess quickly, such as crumbs or pet hair. The PowerUnit is small and easy to hold without the suction pipe or electric brush.

These vacuums are some of the best the market can offer due to their efficiency, convenience and sleek appearance. Whether you are looking to purchase an upright Miele vacuum cleaner as a first-time vacuum, or an upgrade, contact us at Superior Home Systems for this and other such quality products, along with our excellent customer service!

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