Vacuuming Mistakes to Avoid

We often forget just how hardworking our home appliances are. Whether it’s our trusted washing machines and dryers or vacuum cleaners, we tend to overuse them without realizing it.

Over time, we may forget best practices or care tips to help them work effectively. This may lead to us having to replace our appliances more often than we would like and lead to you going on a search for BEAM central vacuum dealers in the area.

These are the common vacuuming mistakes to avoid keeping your machine in top working condition.

Cleaning Up Liquids   

If your vacuum cleaner is not equipped for liquid spills, it is best to avoid picking them up. Liquids can quickly compromise parts of the vacuum, cause mould outbreaks and result in your machine shorting out.

This can lead to a serious electrical issue for your entire home and possibly injure you.

Picking Up Foreign Objects  

Not all the dirt and debris on your floors can be vacuumed. In particular, hard, small objects that will damage the internal appliance. Toys, nails or even coins are often the culprits behind vacuum replacements.

These items are very small, making it easier for them to fall into crevices of your vacuum – and eventually, cause a mechanical fault.

Ignoring The Power Cord  

With upright vacuum cleaners, the power cord usually follows behind and can get in the way as we clean. In a hurry, it’s quite common to try and get the job done quickly and vacuum over the cord. But this can cause intensive breakages within the cord and lead to potential fire hazards. Furthermore, you can pick up the cord, which can get stuck inside the vacuum, making it almost impossible to remove without causing further damage.

Once we think of our appliances as an investment in our homes, we start to see the benefits of taking better care of them. Your vacuum cleaner is no exception!

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