Reasons To Trust Dealers Regarding Beam Central Vacuum

Your home is at the heart of everything. It’s your special nesting place to rest, dine, entertain, celebrate, and gather. You invest time and energy into keeping your space restored and feeling fresh. And what better way to do this than by keeping it clean through consistent maintenance?

We know what you’re probably thinking ‒ maintaining a household can be tedious, time-consuming, and boring. But it doesn’t have to be laborious, not with the Beam Central Vacuum. This innovative technology will help you gain pride in your home, making it a joy for all to reside.

But why trust us? Here are three compelling benefits to why as dealers, the BEAM Central Vacuum is our number one choice.

Provides A Comfortable Cleaning Experience 

With this brand, vacuuming is a blissful experience. We understand that with many models, homeowners are forced to crouch over when vacuuming, which leads to body aches and back pain. Not with BEAM, however. Their models help you move from task to task with ease, making it easy to manoeuvre through levels, floors, up or down stairs. The hoses are extraordinarily lightweight, and the tools are amazingly ergonomic.

Moreover, the complete vacuum only weighs 7lbs! That is almost half of any other vacuum on the market, making it the most user-friendly overall.

The Super Silent Way To Vacuum                

Nobody likes the loud, disruptive noise that a vacuum tends to make. BEAMs are exceptionally quiet! No need to disturb the tranquility of your home. Be free to get your chores done at whichever time of the day suits your schedule best.

Superior Functionality 

BEAM vacuums manage to remove all air, dust particles, dirt, and grunge from any home. Other brands available on the market may filter dust particles, but they recirculate the same air back into the home, making these systems a complete waste of time. The BEAM is powered by large motors that offer incredible suction for a more thorough clean, promising precisely what a vacuum swears to deliver.

The best way to maintain a clean home with your BEAM, is to conduct checks and replacements of the filter, avoiding any clogging of the system. By doing this, you ensure a long lifespan of your machine and a gorgeously clean home.

The benefits of investing in the BEAM for your home are endless.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to shoot for the most effective option to avoid time and money wasted.

For more information on central vacuum cleaners, call Superior Home Systems. Any one of our central vacuum dealers professionals will be happy to assist you.

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