When Do Central Vacuum Systems Need A Service?

Central vacuum systems last much longer than your normal portable vacuum. To make it last even longer, you need to ensure that it gets professionally looked at from time to time and that you are doing as much as you can to maintain your system so that it’s functioning optimally.

In this blog, we’ll look at when to get a vacuum service in Toronto and the reasons why a professional service and maintenance are key!

What Can You Do At Home To Maintain Your Vacuum?

Before finding out when you should get your vacuum professionally serviced, you need to make sure that you’re consistently maintaining and cleaning your vacuum by doing the following:

  • Regularly empty all the dirt out of your dirt canister. If your vacuum uses a filter bag, empty this too. You can check and empty these around 2 to 4 times a year, depending on how often you use the vacuum.
  • Avoid vacuuming large pieces of debris or liquid. This will slow down your machine or stop it from working altogether.
  • Check if your vacuum is losing suction. This will be an indicator that something is clogging the system. The dirt canister needs to be emptied or the filter needs to be replaced. All easy fixes.

When Does Your Vacuum Need A Service?

If you are keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning, you won’t have to service your vacuum too often unless you have a problem with your vacuum and your normal checks aren’t helping. Professional central vacuum services can help you troubleshoot what may be wrong with your vacuum with simple and quick checks of the vacuum’s suction, motor, power flow and pipe system.

Why Does It Need A Service?

It’s important to get the help of professionals as their expert advice will maintain your vacuum and ensure that it’s performing as it should. Your central vacuum system is there to be more convenient, powerful and quiet and should last you more than 20 years if looked after correctly. A professional service will ensure that any cracks, damaged parts or electrical malfunctions are being cared for before they become a bigger problem.

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