How Central Vacuum Systems Work

Tired of forever lugging around a heavy vacuum to keep your home clean? The inconvenience of this often leads to you putting off cleaning until absolutely necessary, but no one wants to live in a dusty home.

With a central vacuum system, all you need is a lightweight hose with a cleaning attachment attached and you’re sorted. If this sounds too easy, we’ll explain just how a central vacuum system works and how it can make your life that much easier!

How It Works

Instead of lugging around a portable vacuum, you will just plug in your hose to an inlet valve that is centrally located on a wall or the floor (away from foot traffic). Depending on the size of your home, you can have two or three inlet valves installed per floor. Each inlet valve will be centrally located, making it easy to move from room to room cleaning as you go. When you vacuum, all the dust and debris that is collected will travel through a system of PVC tubing that runs around your home, unseen through floors and walls.

Where Does The Dust Go?

All the dirt and debris will be collected in a dirt collection canister in a place of your choosing. This is usually out of the way in your garage or basement and easy to collect and throw away. The large dirt collection canister also only needs to be emptied two or three times a year, making the upkeep even easier.

It’s More Powerful And Quieter!

A central vacuum system can afford to have a larger motor as it doesn’t have to be lugged around, meaning you will have a more powerful vacuuming motor that lasts longer.

Since the motor doesn’t get moved around with you, you don’t have to clean with the loud noise of the vacuum following you. You can ensure that the motor is stored in an area removed from your main living area to avoid disruption.

Ready to make your life a whole lot easier and install a superior central vacuum system? We have a variety of different vacuums available as well as game-changing accessories and attachments. We also provide a professional service for your portable vacuums. Contact us today to find out more!

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