The Vacaddy 2.0 is New & Improved!

  • It makes coiling the hose easy!
  • Keeps your hose secure and neat all the time
  • Organizes and stores tools neatly.
  • Adjusts for all hose lengths
  • Stores and secures your wand and floor tool.
  • Made from durable power coated steel.
  • Secures to one stud, for easy sturdy installation.
  • Break action top hanger allows for easy hose removal
The New and Improved Vacaddy 2.0 Hose Storage & Organizer neatly stores 30′, 35′ and 50′ hoses and attachments in a functional, space-saving, and aesthetically pleasing manner. The Vacaddy 2.0 allows you to neatly coil your hose without any additional tools (i.e. zip ties), the rubber clip holder securely holds your wand in place, and the large pocket area easily stores your remaining tools. ( Mounting screws are not included. )

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