Beam 650SB Alliance with Deluxe Air Cleaning Kit 30′

Beam 650SB Alliance with Deluxe Air Cleaning Kit 30'

Beam 650SB Alliance with Deluxe Air Cleaning Kit 30′


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Beam 650SB Alliance with Deluxe Air Cleaning Kit 30′  comes with the Beam 650Sb power unit is compact and powerful at the same time with the Intelligent Smart Screen which lets you know if there is an issue with the motor, hose or other parts of the system and lets you know when the dirt bucket is full saving time from checking every time you clean. The 650SB Unit uses a high-efficiency motor and self-cleaning filter making it a compact yet powerful central vacuum system which combines high-performance cleaning with convenient features and is ideal for standard size to large homes. This Beam 650SB Package comes with the Beam Alliance Deluxe Air Cleaning Kit which is designed to clean all hard floor surfaces and low pile rugs.

Beam Alliance 650SB Unit Features:

Air Power: 650 airwatts
Sound Level: 68 dB
Waterlift: 136 in
Airflow: 104 CFM
Motor: HE Flow-Thru
Size: 36 in tall, 15 in diameter
15L Dirt Capacity
Intelligent Smart Screen (B)
Powered Quick Clean valve
Press & Release bucket
Self-Cleaning GoreTM Filter
Sound-off muffler
System On Indicator
LED Backlit & Ring
Motion Sensor
Empty Bucket Icon
Hose Link Icon
Motor Fault Icon

060871-Cleaning Kit Features:

24 volt variable speed operation
3 in 1 cleaning tool
30′ Crush Proof hose
Telescopic wand
Standard attachment adaptor
Tool caddy
Hose hanger

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