Miele AirClean Vacuum Filter & Bags (3D F/J/M Value Pack)

Miele AirClean Vacuum Filter & Bags (3D F/J/M Value Pack)


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Enjoy all the benefits that come with this value pack of premium vacuum cleaner bags. These are not your average bags, as you’ll be treated to their 3D dustbag technology, which promises a longer service life and filters pesky fine dust particles. Cleaner air is a vacuum away! These secure portal vacuum bags are the perfect accessory for convenient and efficient cleaning, so stock up as you’ll be using only Miele bags in the future!

As one of Superior Home System’s best-selling products, we highly recommend these top-quality vacuum bags for your home use.


Enjoy easy, hygienic debris removal with the Miele 3D F/J/M 3.5 L dust bags and filters. Made with tear-resistant and permeable material, the dust bags capture 99.9% of all dust particles and boast a slide-in collar design to make debris removal clean and effortless. This value pack comes with 8 dust bags and 4 filters.

Compatible with Miele Compact models including: Compact C2 Hardfloor, Compact C2 TotalCare, Compact C2 Cat and Dog, Compact C1 Celebration

Miele is a tried and tested name in the industry. In addition to their vacuum bags, they offer a range of smart vacuum cleaner accessories. When you purchase Miele products, you are buying into a brand that values and promotes sustainability. Miele has become a household name and sells its products across multiple countries. You won’t regret putting your trust in the Miele name!

These vacuum bags are a key accessory for anyone with a Miele vacuum cleaner. These bags make for easy and convenient cleaning, and once you have tried them, you may never use another brand!

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