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If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner in Toronto, Superior Home Systems has got you covered. We offer a wide range of vacuums, including portable stick and upright vacuums. We do, however, strongly recommend you check out our range of central vacuum systems. Having a cleaner, healthier home has never been easier than with central vacuums.

As one of the top vacuum cleaner stores in Toronto, we also offer central vacuum service and repair, so you can keep your vacuum running smoothly. No matter the brand or the type of vacuum, we can help.

We stock a wide range of hoses and attachments, accessories, replacement motors, and spare parts for all makes and models.

Featured Products

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner in Toronto? Superior Home Systems is proud to bring you the best quality vacuum products for sale throughout Toronto. Our featured products have been handpicked to add convenience to your search for the ultimate vacuum system with 100% satisfaction. We have a wide range of vacuums in Toronto.

Vacuum Repair, Service, Sales, and Installation

We are the largest dealer for Beam Central Vacuum systems in Canada and have been servicing vacuums for over 38 years. We can help you with any vacuum issues you might have. Call us! You can't go wrong with our same-day service.


A central vacuum cleaner is built into a house as a semi-permanent fixture. It’s designed to remove dust and debris from surfaces in a more convenient and hygienic fashion than regular portable vacuum cleaners. The dirt travels from inlets installed at convenient spots around the house and through tubing in the walls before being deposited in the collection unit in your garage or basement. All you have to do is plug the vacuum hose into each inlet around the house. No more carrying heavy vacuum cleaners up the stairs! We can assist with central vacuum sales and installation anywhere in Toronto. Superior Home Systems stocks BEAM central vacuums, giving you the best on the market. 

Vacuum Systems Make Your Life Easier

Power Cleaning Capabilities

Central vacuums are superior vacuums in every way. The powerful motor provides unsurpassed suction power that will suck up every speck of dust, mites, hair, and allergens for the cleanest home possible.

Easy to Use

When you think of central vacuums, think plug and play! Take your lightweight hose, plug it into a conveniently located outlet and start vacuuming. No vacuum cleaner in Toronto is as easy to use. No more lugging a heavy vacuum around the house.

Healthier Home

The superior vacuum power means that every dust mite and potential allergen is sucked away into a separate canister located in your basement or garage. Allergy sufferers will breathe easier in a home that has a central vacuum system.

Add Value to Your Property

By investing in a central vacuum system, you are not just investing in a sparkling clean home with fresher, healthier air, but you are also increasing your property value.  With an expected lifespan of at least 20 years with the proper care and vacuum service, this durable addition to your home adds great value.


Select your favourite from our stylish, powerful and highly functional portable vacuums at Superior Home Systems, one of the most trusted vacuum cleaner stores in Toronto. Whatever your cleaning needs, from standard to high-intensity vacuuming, we have various models and international brands to choose from. We also offer you the best prices in Canada. Our range includes canister vacuums, handheld vacuums, upright vacuums, not to mention accessories, attachments, and portable vacuum bags and filters.


Why choose Superior Home Systems for your central vacuum repairs, sales and installation in Toronto? We have earned a reputation as the best local vacuum expert since 1982 because of our quality products and services and genuine customer service. If you need central vacuum sales and installation in Toronto, come to us first to avoid disappointment. Few vacuum cleaner stores in Toronto will offer you the variety we do. We provide central vacuum systems from CANAVAC, a leading brand in central vacuums, and we repair and service all other vacuum cleaner models for your benefit. We aim to help you achieve cleaner, brighter, dust-free homes that are a pleasure to live in.

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