Reasons To Trust Dealers Regarding Beam Central Vacuum

Your home is at the heart of everything. It’s your special nesting place to rest, dine, entertain, celebrate, and gather. You invest time and energy into keeping your space restored and feeling fresh. And what better way to do this than by keeping it clean through consistent maintenance?

We know what you’re probably thinking ‒ maintaining a household can be tedious, time-consuming, and boring. But it doesn’t have to be laborious, not with the Beam Central Vacuum. This innovative technology will help you gain pride in your home, making it a joy for all to reside.

But why trust us? Here are three compelling benefits to why as dealers, the BEAM Central Vacuum is our number one choice.

Provides A Comfortable Cleaning Experience 

With this brand, vacuuming is a blissful experience. We understand that with many models, homeowners are forced to crouch over when vacuuming, which leads to body aches and back pain. Not with BEAM, however. Their models help you move from task to task with ease, making it easy to manoeuvre through levels, floors, up or down stairs. The hoses are extraordinarily lightweight, and the tools are amazingly ergonomic.

Moreover, the complete vacuum only weighs 7lbs! That is almost half of any other vacuum on the market, making it the most user-friendly overall.

The Super Silent Way To Vacuum                

Nobody likes the loud, disruptive noise that a vacuum tends to make. BEAMs are exceptionally quiet! No need to disturb the tranquility of your home. Be free to get your chores done at whichever time of the day suits your schedule best.

Superior Functionality 

BEAM vacuums manage to remove all air, dust particles, dirt, and grunge from any home. Other brands available on the market may filter dust particles, but they recirculate the same air back into the home, making these systems a complete waste of time. The BEAM is powered by large motors that offer incredible suction for a more thorough clean, promising precisely what a vacuum swears to deliver.

The best way to maintain a clean home with your BEAM, is to conduct checks and replacements of the filter, avoiding any clogging of the system. By doing this, you ensure a long lifespan of your machine and a gorgeously clean home.

The benefits of investing in the BEAM for your home are endless.

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it's best to shoot for the most effective option to avoid time and money wasted.

For more information on central vacuum cleaners, call Superior Home Systems. Any one of our central vacuum dealers professionals will be happy to assist you.


Must-Have Central Vacuum Parts For Any Household

A home is not complete home without a high-quality, well-functioning vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum helps homeowners maintain a clean household, one they can be proud to return to at the end of the day. Moreover, keeping a clean home makes having friends and family over a joy, which is why we waste no time with solutions that only get the job half done.

When you require a new vacuum, we recommend the most highly-reliable option available on the market, BEAM Central Vacuums. This brand will not fail you with its top-of-the-line features and high-quality parts. Catering to any family, from small to substantially sized homes, some models combine top cleaning performance with HEPA filtration.

Every central vacuum system comes with handy parts to aid various cleaning jobs. However, there are some essential accessories to consider if you want ultimate results. Which parts should you consider investing in to make this vacuum perform at its best?

BEAM ProPath Electric Cleaning Set

The BEAM ProPath Electric Cleaning Set is made exclusively for ultra plush carpets that are normally very difficult to clean with regular brushrolls.

With the ProPath powerhead by BEAM,  you’ll glide right over your shag rugs and still provide a deep cleaning to them. This is because of the vents on the top of the Beam powerhead as well as the height adjustment, so the attachment does not stick to the carpet or snag the fibers.

This handy-dandy tool kit is every homeowner's dream, helping to reach every pesky crack and crevice. The kit includes:

  • 30ft Electric Hose
  • ProPath Powerhead
  • Deluxe floor tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery brush
  • Tool caddy
  • Electric telescopic wand
  • Non-electric telescopic wand
  • Hose hanger
  • Mesh tool bag
  • 3 Year Warranty

Imagine, at your fingertips, you have a floor brush for achieving those squeaky clean floors, a crevice tool for those tight corners you can’t normally reach, upholstery, dusting, and delicate items brushes for every kind of surface needing dust removal!

The BEAM Central Vacuum range truly is unmatched by any other model available on the market. If you want to kick its performance up even further, we recommend investing in these parts to help you save time and money in the long run, while getting the job done right the first time around.

For more information, call Superior Home Systems. Any one of our central vacuum parts experts will be happy to assist you.


Four Tips To Keep Your BEAM Central Vacuum Parts In Top Condition In Toronto

Your BEAM central vacuum system is designed to give you years of hassle-free service.  By following these guidelines, along with our professional services, you can play your part in ensuring the long life of your BEAM vacuum system in the Toronto area.

Keeping The Canister Clean

It helps if you empty your vacuum canister regularly. A good guideline for this is to check and empty it every three to four months. Doing so keeps the dust from reaching the level of the filter, and this allows you to avoid any decrease in the performance of your system if the canister is too full.

Checking The Filters

Your filters should be replaced every five to six years to ensure the motor's longevity. The self-cleaning filters are designed to do just that ‒ clean themselves and continue to offer excellent suction force. However, replacing these BEAM central vacuum parts from time to time will guarantee that the system continues to function like new.

And remember that having a BEAM central vacuum system keeps your home cleaner, but also the air in your home is healthier with the removal of dirt, dust, allergens, and other particles.  Your filter is a significant role player in this functionality and should be checked and replaced on schedule.

Correct Storage Of Your Central Vacuum Hoses

Investing in a wire hose hanger or a hose hanging rack is a great way to prevent damage to the hose. Once you have unplugged your hose at both ends, carefully make a few loops with it on the ground. Now, transfer the hose to the handy wire hanger. It looks neat and tidy, and it won’t get twisted or crimped.

Protecting With A Hose Sock

Another way to protect your BEAM central vacuum parts in Toronto is to use a hose sock.  These handy covers for your hose not only protect the hose and prolong its lifespan, but also prevent damage, scratches, dent, chips and scuffs to your furniture, bare floors, walls and baseboards. And, as a bonus, they make your hose much easier to handle.

Hose socks come in two styles. The slipcover type slides over the hose from end to end and must be clamped in place at each end. In comparison, the quilted variety has a full-length zipper for easy installation. Both options are easily removed and fully washable.

To buy BEAM central vacuum parts in Toronto, contact Superior Home Systems today.  We offer a full range of parts and accessories for all your central vacuum service needs. For your convenience, we also have a wide range of central vacuum cleaning services and maintenance packages.


How To Choose a Vacuum Repair Specialist In Toronto

When it’s time for vacuum repairs in Toronto, make sure to look out for a service professional that is an Authorized Warranty Repair Shop.

In addition, for your convenience, you may want to look out for vacuum repair companies who offer in-home servicing options. Some companies even have weekend and evening time slots that can fit into your busy schedule. Read on to find out more about these options.

Vacuum Repair And Service Packages 

If you want to make sure that your vacuum cleaning system continues to work well on an ongoing basis and to extend its lifespan, you should consider signing up for a service package.  Repair companies, such as ours, will offer a range of service package options, including checking filters, ensuring the correct suction power and overhauling the motor.

Other service packages will focus on cleaning the machine, checking the filters, cleaning the suction, checking the brush strips and cleaning the canister and motor. Your whole device will be spotlessly clean and ready to use again when we are done.

Our vacuum repair specialists will be able to advise you on the best package to suit your needs.

Parts And Spares

When choosing your vacuum repair specialist, you should find out if they stock a full range of parts and spares. Combined with the vast knowledge and experience of the service technicians, this will assist in getting your vacuum cleaner repaired as quickly and expertly as possible.

Whether you have a central vacuum system or a portable vacuum that is bagged or bagless, look for a specialist that offers speedy turnaround times to get back to keeping your home clean and fresh.

Contact Superior Home Systems ‒ your go-to Toronto Miele vacuum repair or central vacuum specialist ‒ today!  We offer a full range of sales and services on all BEAM and other brands of central vacuum systems and portable vacuums. Let us help you to create a healthier, cleaner environment in your home.


How Central Vacuum Systems Work

Tired of forever lugging around a heavy vacuum to keep your home clean? The inconvenience of this often leads to you putting off cleaning until absolutely necessary, but no one wants to live in a dusty home.

With a central vacuum system, all you need is a lightweight hose with a cleaning attachment attached and you're sorted. If this sounds too easy, we'll explain just how a central vacuum system works and how it can make your life that much easier!

How It Works

Instead of lugging around a portable vacuum, you will just plug in your hose to an inlet valve that is centrally located on a wall or the floor (away from foot traffic). Depending on the size of your home, you can have two or three inlet valves installed per floor. Each inlet valve will be centrally located, making it easy to move from room to room cleaning as you go. When you vacuum, all the dust and debris that is collected will travel through a system of PVC tubing that runs around your home, unseen through floors and walls.

Where Does The Dust Go?

All the dirt and debris will be collected in a dirt collection canister in a place of your choosing. This is usually out of the way in your garage or basement and easy to collect and throw away. The large dirt collection canister also only needs to be emptied two or three times a year, making the upkeep even easier.

It's More Powerful And Quieter!

A central vacuum system can afford to have a larger motor as it doesn't have to be lugged around, meaning you will have a more powerful vacuuming motor that lasts longer.

Since the motor doesn't get moved around with you, you don't have to clean with the loud noise of the vacuum following you. You can ensure that the motor is stored in an area removed from your main living area to avoid disruption.

Ready to make your life a whole lot easier and install a superior central vacuum system? We have a variety of different vacuums available as well as game-changing accessories and attachments. We also provide a professional service for your portable vacuums. Contact us today to find out more!


When Do Central Vacuum Systems Need A Service?

Central vacuum systems last much longer than your normal portable vacuum. To make it last even longer, you need to ensure that it gets professionally looked at from time to time and that you are doing as much as you can to maintain your system so that it's functioning optimally.

In this blog, we'll look at when to get a vacuum service in Toronto and the reasons why a professional service and maintenance are key!

What Can You Do At Home To Maintain Your Vacuum?

Before finding out when you should get your vacuum professionally serviced, you need to make sure that you're consistently maintaining and cleaning your vacuum by doing the following:

  • Regularly empty all the dirt out of your dirt canister. If your vacuum uses a filter bag, empty this too. You can check and empty these around 2 to 4 times a year, depending on how often you use the vacuum.
  • Avoid vacuuming large pieces of debris or liquid. This will slow down your machine or stop it from working altogether.
  • Check if your vacuum is losing suction. This will be an indicator that something is clogging the system. The dirt canister needs to be emptied or the filter needs to be replaced. All easy fixes.

When Does Your Vacuum Need A Service?

If you are keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning, you won’t have to service your vacuum too often unless you have a problem with your vacuum and your normal checks aren’t helping. Professional central vacuum services can help you troubleshoot what may be wrong with your vacuum with simple and quick checks of the vacuum's suction, motor, power flow and pipe system.

Why Does It Need A Service?

It’s important to get the help of professionals as their expert advice will maintain your vacuum and ensure that it’s performing as it should. Your central vacuum system is there to be more convenient, powerful and quiet and should last you more than 20 years if looked after correctly. A professional service will ensure that any cracks, damaged parts or electrical malfunctions are being cared for before they become a bigger problem.

Ready to invest in a new central vacuum system or need the help of professional vacuum services in Toronto? Superior Home Systems are experts in installing, repairing and servicing smart vacuum systems as well as your normal portable vacuums at home. Give our team a call today to find out more!