Benefits of Central Vacuums

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Powerful & Convenient

  • 5x more powerful than traditional vacuums
  • Don’t need to carry heavy vacuum around so they are more convenient
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Best Option for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

  • Air is cleaner and healthier – – dirt, dust, and allergens are removed outside of the home
  • Ideal for cleaning up pet and human hair
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Less Noise & Long Lasting

  • Main power unit is located away from the main living area, like the garage or basement
  • Central vacuum systems can last a lot longer, could be up to 20 years
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Easy to Maintain & Saves Time

  • Increases value of your home
  • Saves time – – have to empty canister less and no filters to change
  • Not too difficult to maintain

Housekeeping Made Easy With BEAM Central Vacuums

Some home appliances work better than others.  BEAM Central Vacuums are just those appliances!

If you have kids, a large home area, and some heavy furniture, then you would need the vacuum cleaner that will help you get the job done in the easiest and most comfortable manner possible. BEAM Central Vacuums are your best friend during those messy moments and make housekeeping the lightest of tasks. BEAM is the leading central vacuum brand and one that’s worth investing in.

Beam Vacuums

Why Buy Beam Central Vacuums

Guaranteed Cleaning

BEAM is known for its deep cleaning power and suction that lasts for longer than the ordinary portable vacuum cleaner.  BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are designed to help remove dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris from your living space.

BEAM power units utilize an exclusive permanent self-cleaning filtration system that allows the units to sustain a high level of performance time after time.  It also has a large canister that you only empty out twice in a year. Save yourself from the added task of regularly replacing your filter and cleaning the dirt bucket.

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Cleaning Without the Noise

One of the major hassles of vacuum work is the sound of a noisy motor. With BEAM Central Vacuum the motor is located away from the living area, the quiet hush of airflow is all you’ll hear.

A BEAM Central Vacuum System is quieter than most household noises that you are used to hearing every day. Vacuum whenever you want without disturbing anyone’s activities or sleep.  No need to worry about waking up the kids, answering that important phone call, or watching your favourite show because BEAM’s large motor cleans effectively and silently.

BEAM self cleaning filters

Easy and Light Handling

The BEAM Central Vacuum cleaner, weighing only 3kg, is four times lighter than your usual 7kg portable vacuum cleaner. It has a lightweight hose and ergonomic design that lets you move around easily.

A BEAM Central Vacuum is easy to maneuver around furniture and doorways, task to task, level-to-level, floor to ceiling.  You don’t need to worry about tripping over long cords or dragging a canister around.

Beam sound levels

Choose from these three lines of BEAM Central Vacuum cleaners, all tested, trusted, and designed with you in mind.

BEAM Classic 275 Power Unit

BEAM Classic

Top of the line central vacuum cleaner built from 50 years of design and development experiments, boasting of a metallic steel body, anti-vibration mounting system and the Gore Self-Cleaning filter.

BEAM Serenity vacuum

BEAM Serenity

A powerful tool that cleans silently and effectively. It also has an electronic user interface that lets you keep track of the system’s functioning, such as time readout, system efficiency, and dirt bucket level.

BEAM Alliance vacuum

BEAM Alliance

The most recent central vacuum cleaner that performs 30% more than the Beam Serenity. It offers a smart screen technology and fingertips control so that cleaning is handy and portable.

How a Central Vacuum Works

Learn how a central vacuum system is installed and works throughout your house.