Sanitaire 18Q Shake Out Bag Upright-SC679J

Sanitaire 18Q Shake Out Bag Upright-SC679J

Sanitaire 18Q Shake Out Bag Upright-SC679J


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This lightweight made for heavy-duty cleaning is the choice when tackling large areas of carpet in a short time. The 18 Quart Reusable High Capacity Shake Out Bag Upright offers a large capacity bag that minimizes stops and starts. The re-engineered, long-life motor is built to last.

  • For large areas of carpet cleaning, 18-qt., large capacity vacuum keeps productivity high.
    Re-engineered long-life motor is built to last and the double ball-bearing, True Balance Brushroll is guaranteed to be in balance and provide superior cleaning with smooth, quiet operation.
    The 30-foot cord lets you clean a large areas before having to stop and re-plug.
    Lightweight (12 lb.) upright vacuum for easier maneuverability than heavier upright vacuums
    18 dry qt. capacity Tietex fabric shake-out bag can be emptied and reused to save costs associated with disposable bags
    5 amp motor delivers 120 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow
    Handle has an automatic locking system with a foot pedal release for usability, and drops down flat for cleaning under furniture and for storage

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